About Our Company

Company / 1994 - 2018
Antex Company is committed to provide high-quality services globally, adhering to a development philosophy of “cherishing limited resources and pursue boundless development”. It primarily engages in textile machinery import, installation and after sale services and is also engaged in import and export with business scope covering 14 nations and regions in the world.

Quality with commitment

Muhammad Akhtar / CEO
Headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan, Antex Company was founded in 1994, and has long played an important role as Project Development / Management, Information Technology Services and an Import and Export channel for Heavy Equipment. Entering into the new century, the Group has comprehensively pushed forward strategic transformation from a traditional single-owned enterprise under the planned economy to a modern independently operated enterprise with strong competitiveness, from a pure import and export company to a multi business group backed up by resources and covering a whole industrial chain, and from a specialized company purely engaged in operation of products to an integrated group with combination of industry and finance.

Over the recent years, Antex has also achieved remarkable mergers and acquisitions both at home and abroad. At present, the Group has three business centers, Malaysia, Pakistan and USA. Among them, the three core business centers focusing on import and export the Group has been constantly improving their synergetic supports for the core businesses, through optimized industrial structure, promoted integration of industry as well as accelerated business expansion.

Based on the principle of service oriented and striving for excellence, Antex Company will draw upon its twentythree years’ experience, expedite the transformation of its economic development mode, constantly improve its self-innovation capacity and strive for the vision of “being a service company with international competitiveness” with solid foundation and long-lasting prosperity”!