VÖGELE Super 1800-2

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VÖGELE Super 1800-2 crawler asphalt paver, Year 2007, Running Hours:7400 m/h, Net Weight:19400 Kg, Location: Germany, Antex ID: AN-M1994, Maximum Laying Width: 5000 mm, Paving Width: 5000 mm, Engine: Perkins, Power: 95.55 kW (130 HP), Diesel
Energy is also saved due to the short time required for heating the screed’s compacting systems to operating temperature, even with the engine running at minimum rpm. The right temperature, however, is not important for the screed alone. In all climatic zones the world over, the large cooler assembly and innovative air routing provide for optimal temperature levels of engine coolant, hydraulic oil and charge air, while at the same time keeping noise emissions low. With the SUPER 1800-2, technology and eco-friendliness go hand-in-hand.